About Us

Toronto Office Furniture Inc. was established in August 1994.  We employ a staff of space planning consultants, order administrators and installation specialists to help small, medium and larger sized businesses assess and plan for their office furniture needs.

We pride ourselves in offering a personalized approach whether it is over the phone or in person and strive to provide initial and ongoing service excellence.  By employing a needs-based philosophy, we work to help our clients plan for their immediate and future office furniture needs and continue to partner with them over many years as their business changes, moves or they expand.

“After 20 years working in and with small to very large corporate environments, I have come to understand the needs of employees, owners and managers working in and within organizations.  Each organization is a unique operating model, whether it is a small advertising agency that needs to support creativity and ongoing collaboration or a large bank that must support thousands of individuals, often in different locations.  Each individual within an organization will always be an individual but they must always be somewhat dependent of one another if the system and ultimately the business is to work effectively and efficiently.  Communication with and/or physical access to others is essential to workforce productivity no matter the size or type of business.  Believe it or not, the type and configuration of the workspace and office can have a significant positive or negative affect on the success of any business large or small.  We will work with you to provide the very best advice we can to make your office furniture support your business goals.”

Michelle Resar
Owner & President

 “As a small business owner most of my career, I fully understand the need to support the people you employ.  I also understand that there is a balance between your future and your reality today.  When I am working with our clients, I often say “I can help you understand what you believe you want to achieve given your understanding of your needs and desired future, but for today, only get what you really need today.  Once you lived in your environment for a while you will have a much better idea of your needs than you may today”.  Don’t get me wrong, we make every effort to help assess our client’s needs, but only the end users in the final environment will know for sure what works for them.”

Gary Hardy
Owner & Vice President