A key contributor to workforce productivity is providing an effective workplace environment that supports the requirements of the people in the office space along with the equipment enabling them to complete their work effectively and efficiently.
Our goal is to create an effective workplace design solution that enhances workforce productivity. One of our Office Planning Consultants is just a phone call away.

Workspace Planning
Before making suggestions on office furniture types and styles, we start with assessing your needs and the needs of your employees. To gain this understanding, we offer free consultation and workspace planning over the phone, in our showroom or on-site depending on the extent of your needs.

Conceptual Design
Creating or using layouts of your office space, we will help your office space come to life using 2D and 3D illustrations. These functional space plans combine furniture solutions with existing space to produce options that best address your requirements. By specializing in custom sizing we are also able to address the unique aspects of your space.

Customized Solutions
Considering and choosing office furniture styles and finishes are the finishing touch in great workspace design. Your furniture will be “made to order” and “sized to fit”so we can develop and deliver a solution that is customized to your specific needs and space.

A) Quality Products and Brands
Upon an approved design and quotation, your office furniture will be ordered from one of the quality Toronto office and systems furniture manufacturers we represent.

B) Installation and Servicing
We complete each project by delivering the quality of products we offer with a focus on exceptional installation, service and ongoing support.