L-Series Reception

L-Series Receptions offer a simple modern look and functional work space.

You can choose the size and shape of desk that works best in your reception area with a 12” deep transaction counter, supported by aluminium posts and glazing.

Depending on your space and the requirements of your receptionist, you can choose a full “L” configuration with transaction counter across both sides, or just enclose the front.  For smaller reception areas and/or where the receptionist does not require a significant desk-top surface area, a Straight L with a front transaction counter or front and one side are effective alternatives.

To ensure the desk supports your storage needs you can add one or two pedestals or leave the unit open. For added privacy, optional laminate dividers can be used in the place of glazing on all or some of the sections. Plexi-glass and tempered glass are also optional alternatives.

L-Series Reception desks are constructed with Office Durable 1” Laminate in your choice of any Utah colour.  The desk surfaces are 24” deep and can range in width to meet the requirements of your needs and space.

Utah Laminates