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Tayco Cosmopolitan panels feature a stackable, load-bearing frame, which offers the flexibility to reconfigure as requirements change.  Panels accommodate a growing work force with an adaptable and versatile design.  Cosmopolitan is complementary to any existing infrastructure.




Tayco Switch offers a space saving design and features an elevated modern aesthetic with 1″ slotted system and 2″ panel thickness. Multiple finish and storage options featuring carefully considered details provide the optimal user experience.  Variable degrees of panel heights accommodate every privacy requirement. Acrylic and tempered glass options offer discretion while still allowing the flow of natural light.




Global Contract Evolve offers tailored solutions that shape space, connect people and support new ways of working. Evolve provides the backbone to building complete office landscapes. Stackable panels shape space without relying on existing walls. Fabric, laminate, metal and glass finish options support varying privacy, acoustical and aesthetic requirements.