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Cosmopolitan panels feature a stackable, load-bearing frame, which offers the flexibility to reconfigure as requirements change.  Panels accommodate a growing work force with an adaptable and versatile design.  Cosmopolitan is complementary to any existing infrastructure.

Up is an all-in-one design solution that creates a combination of work environments and product solutions for any direction.  Up’s patented center post facilitates multiple set-ups and maximizes opportunities for configuration. In tandem with the system’s unique cantilever support, the possibilities seem endless.  Up gives you the flexibility to go in any direction and to work at the height you choose.  Components can be configured in multiple positions and heights.

eO+ Workstation

eO+ is an innovative modular panel and desking system that works well in any environment, from workstations, to conference rooms, to teaming areas – with components that are easy to mix, match or reconfigure.  Designed to meet the needs of today’s small office environment,  eO+ is aesthetically appealing at a surprisingly low cost.  eO+ panels are lightweight but strong enough to support overhead storage components and panel mounted worksurfaces.