Vion Beam


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A truly flexible solution for waiting rooms and reception. Seating units easily attach to a universal beam base. Available in two, three and four person lengths, beam units can be positioned tightly along a wall in a straight run or expanded for L or U configurations. Beam Seating can be configured to divide spaces, creating separate seating pods for specific user groups or positioned to control traffic flow.

  • The beam units are Black. The “T” shaped legs are available in Chrome only with Black anti-scuff tips and trim.
  • Corner beam creates 90° turn in beam seating. Only table units can be attached.
  • Upper seating units include mounting brackets and all necessary hardware for attachment to beam.
  • Upper seating units and/or tables can be placed in any order along the beam.

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3-Seater, 4-Seater, 3 Seater with Table, 4 Seater with Table, 6-Seater with Tables, 7-Seater with Tables