Our C-Series Reception is a fully component base design and offers a flexible solution for many spaces. Call for design consultation.

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Each core section is built on a 45 Degree Angle.  By combining them in different ways, we can create the reception unit that works best in your space.

By using one 45 Degree centre unit with two straight returns, you can create a unique look or offset a difficult angled wall.  Put two 45 Degree units together with two end returns and you now have a 90 Degree reception that is impressive with its angular front.  Put four 45 Degree centre units together with two returns and you have a very impressive 180 Degree “U” shape reception desk that is an excellent choice in large reception areas where you want to centre the reception in the room.

Whichever combination, you can add the storage that you need within the returns.

The C-Series reception desks have a 24” deep desk surface that is 29” high and requires varying space depending on the number of units combined as illustrated below.  The right and left returns can be as short as 24” and as long as 108”.  Choose from any of our range of Utah laminate colours.  Choose from silver or black posts.

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180 Degree, 90 Degree, 45 Degree