The R2-Series Reception is an elegant and sophisticated reception desk that is sure to impress. Other sizes available. Call for a design consultation.

R2-Series Pricing


  • It features an open curved centre desk with a low tempered glass transaction counter on Stainless Steel Risers and Caps.  The returns on either side of the centre unit feature straight 12” deep transaction counters supported by aluminium posts and tempered glass dividers that offers some privacy.
  • While the curved centre unit is a standardized design, we customize the length of the returns to fit the space and needs in your reception area.   The unit can also be sold without the tempered glass transaction counter and the dividers can be made with plastic glazing for a different look and budget consideration.
  • The R2-Series Reception curved centre unit is 24” deep and 36” x 36” wide and 29” high.  The right and left returns can be as short as 24” and as long as 108”.  Choose from a wide variety of laminate colours.