Bentley Canada

Bentley Systems New Canadian Office

Bentley Systems is an infrastructure engineering software company. They provide innovative software to advance the world’s infrastructure. Their industry-leading software solutions are used for the design, construction, and operations of roads and bridges, rail and transit, water and wastewater, public works and utilities, buildings and campuses, mining, and industrial facilities.  Bentley and design firm, Comley VanBrussel Design & Management, engaged Toronto Office Furniture to help design and specify the furniture for their new Canadian Head Office in Burlington.


CLIENT: Bentley Canada

DATE: October 2021

KEY PARTNERS: Global, Richelieu, ESI, Tayco

PRODUCTS: Compile Panel System, Freefit Height Adjustable Desks, Bridges Benching, Swap Tables, Zira and Kip Meeting Tables, Drift, EQ3 and Mazo Lounge Furniture, Factor Task Seating, Lite Guest Chairs, Ballara Bench Seating, Popcorn Stools & FLEXA PRO Heavy Duty Dual Monitor Arms and FlexCharge4CX Desktop Modules


Design Plan

The goal was to provide functional and modern work areas to support four distinct work groups while keeping a cohesive and open look for optimal light and an unobstructed view through the surrounding windows. 30 panel workstations were designed primarily for developers to provide flexibility and ergonomics with both fixed and height adjustable desking, easy charging and power access with desktop modules.  Low height panels topped with clear glass were used to provide some separation/protection while maintaining the openness.  Benching was used to provide a hoteling area for 6 additional seats.  Benching with more substantive storage and privacy screens provided dedicated workspaces for 4 individuals.  Additional requirements for this area included new mesh office seating and complementary private office desking.  Several meeting and breakout rooms were outfitted with tables and chair in various styles, heights and materials to provide a variety of both formal and relaxed formats for meeting and collaboration.

In choosing finishes, laminates and metals in silvers and grey tones were used to provide a modern and industrial look to the space while pops of bright colours (blues and greens) where used in the light fixtures and seating fabrics to brighten up and invigorate the space.