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Tayco Up Workstations
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Comfort and aesthetics are factors in performance because people do more in environments that treat them well.  Versatile, functional, and attractive, Up is the meeting place of form and function.  Up is a contemporary office furniture solution designed to incorporate fine details that provide a sense of continuity throughout the workspace.

Up is an all-in-one design solution that creates a combination of work environments and product solutions for any direction.  Up’s patented center post facilitates multiple set-ups and maximizes opportunities for configuration. In tandem with the system’s unique cantilever support, the possibilities seem endless.  Up gives you the flexibility to go in any direction and to work at the height you choose.  Components can be configured in multiple positions and heights.

Up provides options and features that go beyond those of other desking, panel and post and-beam systems.  The Up system builds on a surprisingly small array of components for a broad range of configurations. Beyond desking and divisions, the system includes peripherals that enhance flexibility and functionality in the workplace.  From individual workstations and team environments to reception and the boardroom, the look is consistent and the effect is considerable.

Up is practical, with storage that integrates seamlessly into the workspace. Space planning is optimized with worksurfaces that connect directly to the storage. Up facilitates maximum storage in a minimal footprint using innovative space management solutions. Tackboards, whiteboards, and accessory panels ensure that no vertical surface goes unused. Horizontal surfaces serve as seating, space dividers, and secondary work areas.  Up storage accommodates the full range of worksurface height adjustability with integrated worksurface support. Compact storage areas are easily accessible via tambour doors and drawers with flush handles.