Workspace Planning

The most effective workspaces are those designed specifically to support the type of work that is being done. The main area of a workspace is used for a variety of basic tasks including writing, reading, computer and/or phone work. The focus of work being done will determine the office layout and furniture best suited to support that work.

For example:
An individual who is primarily on the phone with the aid of a computer screen, and has no documents to reference or store, may only require a 36W x 24D work surface with no personal storage. This person would typically be using the phone and computer for an extended period of time, and would also require a chair and keyboard tray that are ergonomically adjustable and a headset to reduce the stresses of this type of work. Panels or desk-top dividers may also be used to provide some sound reduction.
An architect, on the other hand, may require both a computer and large work surface to lay out blueprints. A deeper and wider desk surface will definitely be needed and a monitor arm and keyboard tray to keep the computer screen and keyboard off the surface. In addition to personal storage, they may require special boxes designed to organize and store the blueprints.


Creating effective working environments requires planning and attention to detail but most importantly should start with an assessment of your needs. With each project, large or small, Toronto Office Furniture Planning Consultants will always begin with a functional and workspace assessment. Here are some of the key areas we will consider:

  1. The type of work that is being done by you or your employees.
  2. The number of employees to be accommodated.
  3. Documents and equipment that need to be used and stored.
  4. Space available and floor plan restrictions.
  5. Budget parameters.
  6. Desired look of your working environment, corporate image and personal tastes.

With this information, your consultant will be able to educate you on the office furniture, accessories and floor plan solutions that will best fit these needs. A phone conversation or a visit with one of our consultants in the showroom is the best place to start.