Fuzion Flooring

Fuzion Flooring

Fuzion Flooring is a family-led business providing high quality floor covering products to households in Canada and the U.S.  When Fuzion embarked on a total office redesign, they connected with Toronto Office Furniture through Tayco to provide space planning and office design.


CLIENT: Fuzion Flooring

DATE: August 2019


PRODUCTS: Cosmopolitan Panel workstations and Private Offices, Metropolis boardroom, J1 task chairs and M1 guest seating.

Design Plan

Fuzion’s office was a blank slate and not only required open panel workstations, they required the creation of private paneled office with doors.  This allowed them to configure their space without requiring the time and permits required for walls to be constructed.

Tayco Cosmopolitan was the perfect product to support this type of requirement, with its sturdiness and stackable panels for higher heights.  Glazed and clear tiles were used across the mid and upper parts of the panels and laminate tiles on the lower exterior sides to create a more modern clean look.  Fabric tiles were used on the interior sides to provide some warmth and sound absorption.

Neutral colour fabrics and laminate with black trims were selected for a more up to date,  yet timeless look.