Canada Basketball

Canada Basketball Office Renovation.

Canada Basketball is the National Sporting Organization for basketball in Canada and is recognized globally as the sole governing body of basketball in Canada.  When they decided to renovate their offices, they sat down with Toronto Office Furniture to determine how to best utilize their available space in accommodating their new staffing and storage needs, while updating the overall design and look of their interiors.


CLIENT: Canada Basketball

DATE: February 2021

KEY PARTNERS: Global, Tayco, IOF

PRODUCTS: Switch Panels, Tofi Height Adjustable Desks, Global Accord, Vion, IBEX, Citi and Duet Seating


Design Plan

The plan for the main open area included removal of existing walls to support new paneled workstations for their staff and interns. Considerations were made for flexibility and ergonomics with both fixed and height adjustable desking, easy charging and power access with desktop modules, and privacy/safe separation with standing height panels with clear glass to maintain an openness to the space.  Additional enhancements included new mesh office seating, lounge seating, storage pieces and private office desking.

In choosing finishes, laminates in soft woodgrains bring warmth to the space while striking metal trims and fabrics in black complement the light fixtures and windows resulting in both a modern and industrial feel.