Cascades Recovery+

Cascades Recovery+ – Head Office

Cascades Recovery+ is a full service Sustainability solutions provider, providing its parters with recycling programs focused on increasing diversion and minimizing overall waste costs.  Toronto Office Furniture began working with Cascades Recovery+ in 2011, with add-on office design and supply for both their head office and Scarborough locations.  At the end of 2019, Cascades began a major renovation of their Head Office and needed our help to plan and design their furniture requirements.


CLIENT: Cascade Recovery+

DATE: July 2020


PROJECT COMPONENTS: Switch Panel Workstations, IBEX Task Seating, Metropolis Offices and Reception Desk


Design Plan

Cascades Recovery+’s head office renovation involved two full floors and required both private offices and open workstations on both.  Given the magnitude of change and the need to enable some continued operation, the project was broken into 3 phases.  Phase I required the renovation and installation of furniture on the 1st floor to be 6-8 weeks in advance of the 2nd floor. This allowed teams to move down and occupy the new space on the 1st floor while the 2nd floor was being completed.  Phase II was the 2nd floor and Phase III was the reception area. 

With a desire to provide open workstations with ample storage, Tayco Switch was selected with its combination of high panels to support needed storage and lower gallery panels with frosted glass to provide seated privacy with an open feel.  Its thinner panel and gallery also enabled us to optimize the number of stations possible within the space.