Flipp helps retailers connect with their consumers to share savings and deals content while also providing analytics and insights to better understand consumer shopping behavior. Their award-winning Flipp app is used by millions of shoppers every week to make better purchase decisions to save on their weekly shopping.

Toronto Office Furniture first connected with Flipp in its start up phase in 2010.  With rapid expansion, Flipp moved to new or expanded facilities several times over the next 10 years. With the help of Vitamin-d design, we continued to work with Flipp as their needs evolved.



DATE: 2011, 2014-2018

PRODUCT PARTNERS: Global,  IOF, TOFI, Workspace48


Post Leg Tables with TOFI Desk-Top Glazing, Alero, IBEX, Wind and Sonic Seating, Workspace48 Boardroom Tables

Design Plan

Flipp’s requirement was to provide open plan workspaces and lounge areas conducive to collaboration, as well as a number of meeting and private rooms for individual and group meetings.

To attract and support a young technology and marketing workforce, they did not want traditional panel systems even as they grew.  At the outset, we introduced a simple, inexpensive connected commercial grade post-leg benching design that featured TOFI’s custom made desk-top glazing and heavy duty metal wire management troughs.  This initial approach stood the test and became standardized as they expanded to 3 full floors over a three year period.

Meeting rooms were furnished with Modulus Twin-Post Tables for a modern and open look.  Lounge areas included Wind soft seating and tables.  Vitamin-d chose vibrant wall colours and multi-colour chair seating fabric to create a dynamic colour scheme throughout their premises.