Highlight Motors

Highlight Motors Expansion

Highlight Motor Group is a young company, established in 2007, that has grown at a rapid pace by continuing to meet the varied needs of its transportation clients.  They specialize in LTL and Cross Boarder Truckload service, connecting New York and New Jersey with the Greater Toronto area.

Highlight first connected with Toronto Office Furniture with a small request for a reception desk in 2009.  Since then Highlight has grown substantially and we have worked to help them with their continued expansion.


CLIENT: Highlight Motor Group

DATE: 2014, 2017, 2018, 2020 & 2021


PROJECT COMPONENTS: Cosmopolitan Panel Workstations, IOF Desking, Zira Offices and Meeting Tables, Tayco Metropolis Offices


Design Plan

Highlight moved to a new, much larger facility to support its projected growth in 2014.  With over 24,000 square feet of renovated office space, the requirement was to provide design and product recommendations suitable for executive and managment offices, warehouse offices, operations and accounting department staff, boardrooms, training facilities and reception area.

Because of the wide variation in needs, several different suppliers were recommended based on the most suitable solution for each area.  Fishishes and fabrics were selected from each supplier that either matched or were similar to the other.  As Highlight continues to grow, we are able to integrate new items within the overall design plan.