K2 Sports Canada

K2 Sports Canada Office Renovation

K2 Sports is one of the leading winter sports companies in the world.  K2 Sports Canada represents 14 iconic winter brands, including K2, Ride, BCA, Volkl, Dalbello and Marker, which are among the most influential and successful athletic brands worldwide. Together, they develop, produce and distribute innovative and essential winter hardware products. 

K2 Canada is a neighbour to Toronto Office Furniture and when they decided to make major renovations to their workspace, they knew who to call.


CLIENT: K2 Canada

DATE: April 2019

KEY PARTNERS: Tayco, Global

PRODUCTS: Switch Panel workstations and Scene Private Offices, Global Alero Mesh Back Chairs.

Design Plan

K2 Canada was working with very large outdated panel workstations and wanted to make their space more open, modern and attractive to the yonger worker.

The design required planning for 10 offices and 10 open area workstations.  Minimizing storage or clutter was a desired design criteria.

Tayco’s Switch panel system was ideal in creating a warehouse style look, with white chocolate laminate gallery panels, panel mounted glass screens and black metal trims.  Global’s Alero black mesh-back chairs were a great ergonomic and complementary choice.